An Independent Network of Professionals

Firstline Europe is a network of specialised and independent management and communications consultancies. It has emerged in response to clients' quest for a fundamental re-assessment of relationships with multiple stakeholders and the imperative for finding new ways of engagement with them.

In a world where globalization, strong diversity, new networked environments, and demographic changes are reshaping the perspectives of regions, nations, corporations, organizations - and ordinary people, the challenges clients face are much more interconnected than in the past.

Risks not specific to business are having an unprecedented effect on clients' business. New players constantly emerge and influence the regulatory framework. Old actors change agendas, opinion climates shift, balances between local governments and international organizations are altered.

In the eye of this storm, clients seek advice, knowledge, expertise, experience and empathy… increasingly from senior individuals rather than institutions, increasingly from those who can challenge decisions, provide new perspectives and offer emotional commitment. This search for intimacy and trust with advisers is sought on a global scale, where individuals traditionally could not deliver and where global agencies could and did.

Firstline Europe seeks to bridge this gap between clients' desire for tailored, personal support and Europe-wide delivery. The fabric of this alliance is woven over many years of shared values, common practices, joint projects, friendships, trust and mutual respect.